Monday, December 26, 2011

Having Sex Extraordinary

Do you feel saturated with sexual activity? Start with a few minor changes. What are the steps that can be done?

1. Cultivate the feeling of sexy
If you want to seduce your husband, you have to feel sexy first. Make yourself as attractive as possible in the eyes of both gait and the way you talk. Give your sexy on your hips swing when walking, while sitting down, crossed your legs with a sexy and so on.
Keep your sitting position not to degenerate. Do not sit too straight with your shoulders down but sit back and chest puffed slightly forward to make it look more sexy.

2. Wear a sexy dress
To feel sexy, you have to dress sexy. Make the effort to display different views. Wear a t-shirt tops and tight jeans for impression section. For nightwear use a beautiful lingerie with lace accents and let him peek at your beauty for a moment. Guaranteed he can not bear to immediately proceed to round heat.

3. Give the game variations
To be more varied, supporting the use of sex toys while having sex with him. Buy some sex toys shop at Hot G Vibe. If you do it for the first time, use a sex toy video reviews to help you and start something small and not too intimidating like a vibrator. You can also give a surprise for your husband with a cock ring vibrator. This is the best cock ring that should be try.

4. Try a new things
In order to keep it running harmonious sex routine, try to always make a new adventure by trying positions that had not been previously attempted. You also can experiment outside the room to create different sensations in bed. Use of visual stimulation during sex with him. This not only helps you to relax but also helps you to get the mood to make love more quickly. For example, watching porn together.

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